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Get the protection your business needs

Get the protection your business needs

Secure Business Networks

Secure Business Networks

Secure Business Networks


We help SMB enterprises operate securely and protected from cyber attack using key network security services. These include implementing next generation network security solutions for secure and flexible working environments, operating a fully managed cloud based network security service (MSS) that monitors and blocks cyber attacks against our clients business, and cyber security testing for risk management and business assurance purposes.


Protect your business with next generation network security and remote access solutions


Our managed network security service (MSS) monitors and blocks cyber attacks


Test your business for vulnerabilities using our cyber security testing services

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Need a reliable VPN solution to secure mobile or remote workers? - We can help...


Knowing how to protect your business against complex forms of cyber attacks is hard so we make it clear. We help you understanding what security risks and vulnerabilities you face, then propose, implement and manage appropriate solutions to mitigate. Once protected we then perform ongoing security testing as required for cyber risk management and business assurance.

Official UK Cyber Statistics

Highlights from the Government Cyber security breaches survey 2020 of UK businesses and charities.

  • Nearly 50% of UK businesses reported a cyber attack or breach in the last 12 months
  • Of these nearly 20% reported a material loss of either data or money costing thousands
  • A further 32% also report that they saw an attack occurring almost every week


The good news! The majority of businesses say that their senior management consider cyber security to be a top priority, and are seeking information and guidance on how to protect themselves against cyber attack more than ever.


We have over twenty five years of experience spanning both defence and commercial industry sectors working on many short and long term communications and security projects. This experience has taught us to appreciate challenging situations and deal with them appropriately to achieve the aim.


  • Understand business needs as well as security concerns
  • Keep things simple with clear goals and outcomes
  • Be agile and adapt our approach as needed
  • Build long term partnerships based on trust


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