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If a cyber breach is successful it can have a direct cost to your organisation both physically and financially relating to loss of data, assets and customer confidence.

Cyber attacks on UK businesses are becoming more sophisticated and persistent each year. It is estimated that at least one UK business is attacked every minute.

To prevent a successful cyber attack stakeholders should act in advance and put into place a schedule of cyber security testing such as vulnerability assessments or penetration testing within their organisations. Together these will help expose security threats and reduce the risk of a damaging cyber breach.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment
A vulnerability assessment identifies security flaws within an organisations network, IT system or website.
  • Vulnerabilities exist due to software bugs or flaws in legacy protocols that render systems weak and vulnerable to being exploited.
  • A vulnerability assessment provides a prioritised list of technical items that need to be addressed to reduce the likelihood of suffering a successful cyber breach.
  • When performed correctly a vulnerability assessment will locate all known vulnerabilities and provide a recommended fix.
A penetration test simulates a controlled cyber attack on an organisations systems and infrastructure in order to identify weaknesses in their security controls.
  • A penetration test is designed to determine likely routes a malicious actor may use to perform a cyber attack.
  • It will attempt to locate and exploit any security weaknesses within an organisation and to breach its internal systems.
  • Although a penetration test is an active test of an organisation security it is performed in a safe and controlled manner within an agreed scope.

Penetration Testing


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