Next Generation Firewalls with advanced cyber threat protection

Protecting your business against todays advanced cyber threats can be a tall order when using a typical business Internet service provider (ISP) router

These types of routers provide only basic functionality to keep your internal network hidden from the Internet, and unsolicited connections from the Internet accessing your internal network.

Next Generation Firewall Infographic

Businesses need more capability from an Internet router, such as secure remote access for workers, virtual private networks between offices over the Internet, advanced web protection and application awareness, and importantly advanced intrusion protection to keep the business safe against evolving cyber threats that can hide or evade standard malware detection methods.

Next Generation Firewalls provide this protection in near real time by comparing suspected malware, viruses or ransomware attempts trying to enter the network against billions of constantly updating reference samples from fully managed threat intelligence databases within the cloud. When a suspected threat is deemed matched it is immediately blocked from entering the network.

Next Generation Firewalls provide an integrated full featured one stop security device that can protect your business and it’s employee’s from cyber-attack.

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