Advanced malware protection using cloud threat intelligence data

Malware threats and methods used to exploit networks and user devices evolve daily which puts traditional standalone signature databases at a disadvantage when protecting users.

Advanced malware protection uses real-time threat intelligence from the cloud to block threats as they try to enter your network such as infected files passing through your firewall.

Next Generation malware protection does not use point-in-time signature databases, rather uses real-time threat inelegance, machine learning and fuzzy finger-printing to detect malicious content.

When a suspected file is detected it will be sandboxed for analysis before being allowed to enter your Network and wreak havoc or blocked if deemed infected. However, if a piece of malware is missed, advanced malware protection sets itself apart from traditional signature-based intrusion protection systems by continually analysing file trajectory and behavioural traits where retrospectively can be blocked if found malicious.

Advanced malware protection can be deployed on a business’s devices or laptops, within the network, or on web security platforms to provide a full detection platform.

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