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Keeping track of security events that may indicate an attack is in progress, already happened or been blocked can be time consuming and confusing. Our managed security service automatically detects and alerts us when a compromise may be in progress.

Industry research has indicate that UK businesses are under continuous cyber attack. Whilst many attacks do fail, many are successful and lead to devastating cyber breach’s that compromise the integrity of a business.

It is almost impossible to detect most cyber attacks until its to late. Using a managed security service can automatically detect attempted attacks and report these in real time. This information can be critical to stopping attacks whilst they are in progress and critically before your business is compromised.

Our managed security service will actively manage and monitor security events and alerts from the security solutions we’ve installed within your organisation.
  • This will provide an immediate and proactive cyber threat detection service of possible attacks against your business.
  • Using a managed security service allows a more rapidly respond to cyber threats before they becomes an actual breach of your business.
  • Local IT staff need not worry about monitoring cyber security as we have it covered. This leaving you to concentrate on your own business knowing we will react and support as needed.

Managed Security

Network Security

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