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Good network security is like putting an impregnable layer around your business and workforce.

Network security is often neglected by many organisations in favour of other demands on the business. In a digital world this practice is akin to leaving your front door open and inviting anyone in.

To keep a business and its workforce secure it must protect its internal systems at the network boundary first. This could mean anywhere from a business ISP connection within the office to an employees remote working home WiFi.

Next Generation Firewalls

Firewalls are the physical defensive layer between the internet and your organisations internal trusted networks. They are the first line of defence after your ISP an organisation has when digitally connected.
  • Next generation firewalls combine physical protection from external networks such as the internet with integrated intrusion protection IPS) and advanced malware detection.
  • They provide protection to an organizations assets and workforce in near real time against the latest cyber threats using cloud based security intelligence data from industry leading security intelligence organizations.
  • A well configured firewall ensures you to dictate who and what enters your trusted internal networks and who stays out.

Remote access solutions, otherwise knows and remote access VPN’s, allow your workforce to securely connect to internal networks and systems from anywhere in the world as if they were in the office.
  • A remote access VPN encrypts all data between a users computer and an organisations internal network within a secure tunnel over the internet.
  • This guarantees all data sent between the remote worker and the organisations internal network is kept private and hasn’t been altered if intercepted by another party.
  • A remote access VPN can also protect the user by forcing all web traffic to also traverse the VPN and use the organisations firewall for web protection.

Remote Access Solution

Network Security

Web Security Proxies

Web security proxies automatically control what websites or internet based applications your workforce are allowed to access.
  • Web proxies control what access to the internet an organisation workforce has according to its acceptable use policy (AUP). This allow the business to decide what internet access or web applications are allowed to be accessed by its workforce.
  • They also automatically block access to websites or applications with bad reputation or malicious content if a user is redirected from a legitimate site.
  • Web proxies are also application aware meaning they can determine what applications are being used by an organisations IT assets. and limited if against the AUP.

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