Secure connectivity into the office network for remote workers either at home or over the public Internet

Providing a secure remote access virtual private network solution to employees is now paramount to the success of a modern agile business

The modern workforce is now more mobile and will use many devices. They work from home, travel, or connect to the office Network from remote locations where only insecure public Internet access is available. A remote access virtual private network (VPN) is used to ensure that a user’s device can connect back into the office Network securely over any Internet connection.

Remote Access VPN - Infographic

A simple VPN client is installed on the user’s device and can be configured to automatically connect back to the office Network or to allow the user to choose themselves when the VPN is required. The VPN client protects the user’s device by encrypting all data sent between the device and the firewall within the office. When the VPN is established, the user’s device is effectively inside the office Network no matter where they have connected from.

Benefits of using a remote access VPN solution are both flexibility from working anywhere there is an Internet connection, and privacy by default from all traffic being encrypted between the user’s device and the firewall.

The VPN can be further configured to force all data from the device back through the firewall (internal data and a user’s browser traffic), or just data intended for the internal network. The former allowing for enhanced security by providing the ability to perform web security and analysis on the user’s device via the firewall and cloud security services, thus protecting the device from malware, viruses and ransomware.

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