Advanced firewall, threat detection, web security, and VPN solutions that keep your business protected

It is estimated by the security industry that most businesses who have any form of digital presence have suffered a cyber-attack whether they knew about it or not. Securing a business and its workforce however doesn’t have to be difficult if following some basic principles.

It is essential to use a commercial grade Firewall as a first line of defence to block any unwanted traffic entering the office network. Threat detection solutions should then also be deployed to detect and block malicious traffic such as viruses, spyware, ransomware or worms embedded or hiding within legitimate traffic entering and exiting the network.

Web access for all users should be controlled and monitored to ensure the enforcement of an acceptable web usage policy by the business. This ensures that websites categorised with malicious content or bad reputation are not unintentionally accessed by users and damaging malware infections occurring.

Making use of virtual private network (VPN) technology can also provide tremendous benefit to a business. These provide secure network access for both mobile or home workers, and for securing traffic between distributed offices over the Internet.

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