Web application security assessment to determine if your website is vulnerable to compromise

Inconel Networks VULSECURE service is a simple and easy way to establish whether your business website is vulnerable to compromise by a malicious attacker.  It is performed by our experienced security consultants using industry leading web application vulnerability assessment scanning tools, and will comprehensively test your website against thousands of known vulnerabilities and security risks categories; such as SQL injection, broken authentication, data exposure or cross-site scripting (XSS).

This type of service is ideally suited for newly developed websites, sites that have already been compromised to determine potential root causes, part of a regular security audit for business assurance purposes, or just to give piece of mind that your website is safe.

Our service is easy to use, just click the ‘getting started’ button below to sign up and select a preferred start date. As soon as we receive your request you’ll receive immediate confirmation. Then, once your test has been completed and results analysed, a report will be provided by email. Our service usually take no more than 48 hours, but usually much quicker where possible, and aims to be as frictionless and informative as possible. 

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